Measure Your CPU Temperature

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Nowadays, overclocking has become more and more popular. Even hardware manufacturers are implementing new and easier ways to get things done.

I have my CPU, RAM, Front-Side Bus and video card overclocked. One if not the most important thing to keep an eye on is operating temperatures, because too much heat can lead to crashes and/or physical damage to the hardware. Not mentioning that this lowers the life span of your equipment.

There are two great tools to read and messure temps. Both are free and can be used to log temperature over time. This is very useful when overclocking and checking for stability.


This one is the one i use the most because of it logging feature. You can customize read and log intervals so you can keep an eye when stressing the hardware using games or benchmarks.

CoreTemp Screenshot

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Real Temp

This one is very simplistic but does what it claims. It offers a convenient logging for basic needs because the maximum and minimum temperature are displayed and constantly updated as long as the program is running. This feature is not better than CoreTemp logging, but can be useful when monitoring over shorts periods of time.

Real Temp Screenshot


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